Faith’s visa story

'I don't blame them. Maybe it's some kind of instruction they are following.' Faith works for an NGO and takes care of the volunteers in Ghana. She was selected to be a volunteer for the weltwärts program herself. Unfortunatley her visa was denied and she was left with a lot of questions... Hear what she … Continue reading Faith’s visa story

Robert’s Story

Listen to what Robert, a ghanian national who applied for a tourist visa with the german embassy, has to say about his visa application experience:"I then realized my ability to even speak some German, a language I naturally loved and learned to speak by myself was a big minus for me and then what a terrible … Continue reading Robert’s Story

Eric’s story

In this video, Eric from Ghana talks about his experience with the German embassy in Accra. He applied for a visa some time ago and wanted to share his personal application process. What do you think about Eric's visa story? Please share your comments and questions!