Do you want to invest some of your free time to contribute to a more equal world? We thought the same thing when we founded Border Tales. And we can use your help!

Write us an email if you’re intrested in contributing to this project.
(Please note, that these “jobs” are all voluntary)


Our main goal is to provide a platform for you to hear stories about borders but also for you to tell one. Everybody experiences borders differently. In what way did you face borders? Was it a good or a bad experience? Did it have an impact on your life? If you want to share your story with the world, we can help. You can record a video or only audio and even write a text about it if you want to stay completely anonymous.

One time Border-Teller

You have this one awesome idea but no platform to share it? Then this is the job for you. We can work together to bring your idea to reality. It doesn’t matter what it is: Video, Text, a petition or even a happening as long as its about our main topic: borders. Let’s discuss it! We are always open to new project ideas and can provide the platform for you to share it. We are a small group but we’re happy to help with everything you need: Brainstorming, layout, design and getting the word out into the world.

Full time Border-Teller

We are a small group of people behind Border Tales. Even though we work consistently, the project is on a voluntary basis. University and work always come first and second before Border Tales. Therefore, we need your help. Sharing basic tasks like maintaining our social media or even organising bigger projects is what you can help us with if you become a full-time team member. We meet via video chat once a week, so it does not matter where you live. Everybody can contribute as long asΒ  they are serious about it.