Efua’s Visa Story

There have been a few visa stories published on this blog but it's an issue with many many aspects and every story shows a different perspective on the matter. It becomes clear, that there are certain similarities visible in all of the individual stories. Certain inequalities we want to shed some light on by sharing … Continue reading Efua’s Visa Story

Border Studies – a new perspective..

Finally a new video! This time it's no video from the Border Tales team though. And that is not the only difference. With this video we want to introduce a new topic to our blog. Don't worry! We're obviously not done with borders! There are just so many different aspects of borders and now it's … Continue reading Border Studies – a new perspective..

Eric’s story

In this video, Eric from Ghana talks about his experience with the German embassy in Accra. He applied for a visa some time ago and wanted to share his personal application process. What do you think about Eric's visa story? Please share your comments and questions!