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#01 Documentary

‘How Communist East Germany Held Thousands of Women as Political Prisoners’.
A seven minute animated documentary worth to watch. Women tell their story about being political prisoners. Heartbreaking and fascinating at the same time.

#03 Love is not tourism

Please understand this right: “Love is not tourism” is a movement that makes some valid points. And they did get answers from politics, which is great! We just want to highlight that the pandemic did not create this problem, it only reinforced it. If you are interested in learning more and hearing an individual story, click the link #03.
And if you are in a relationship that is restricted by borders, send us a message via mail, instagram or facebook. We would love to hear your story!

#06 boderlands

Great book tip if you are still searching for a good read! Gloria Anzaldúa writes about invisible borders between groups in the US and Mexico. Not only between mexicans and americans but also between men and women or heterosexuals and homosexuals.

#09 Whats up with moria

We linked an article from human rights watch (hrw.org) where you can get more information and maybe donate for these in help.
Unfortunately, the current pandemic overshadows many other human catastrophes around the world. One is the refugee camp Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos. After the fire in the beginning of September 2020 a new even more inhuman camp was constructed for the over 12.000 refugees still waiting. No flowing water, no electricity, not enough protection against Covid-19, no heating, no sanitation and so on and definitely no home at all.
Let’s keep on raising our voices and shout out for more solidarity from the European Union.

#11 Ubuntu episode 3

As the title already expresses pretty well this episode talks about the hidden potentials countries on the African continent have and why until today these countries still need to work towards financial and economic independence and are not completely able to bring positive change.  Its message: “Blaming others takes time and energy from improving yourself!”.

#13 white privilege

Quick reminder that there is a thing such as white privilege.

#16 scribble yourself feminist

Empowering colouring book “Scribble yourself Feminist” created by Chidera Eggerue aka the Slumflower. A british-nigerian author who wrote also “What a time to be alone”. Prepare yourself for the probably very quiet Christmas holidays or inspire a friend with this book.

#19 we should all be feminists

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#21 mask off: Masculinity redefined

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#22 we had more than 70 years of peace and now it’s all over

This was what a friend of mine said to me some days ago. He was talking about our current Lockdown in Germany and the measures the government introduced to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. I was very confused to hear something like this from someone close to me. There has been a huge debate within the German society throughout the last months. The virus is a hoax, our basic human rights are being threatened and so on and so forth. And honestly, I just could not take them seriously. All these people protesting without any social distancing or face mask. It made me angry. And it made me even angrier to hear a friend of mine actually questioning our peace and our democracy. I am not a huge fan of our current government in Germany myself. There are many things I would like to go differently, and I don’t hesitate to voice my criticism. But also, I am still allowed to do that, and I believe that political change is possible because I believe in democracy and in our society, although it’s really hard sometimes. And what really scares me is seeing so many people spreading dangerous fake news, spreading racism and even fascism. It is true, we must keep in mind that these years of peace here in the EU are something to celebrate and to defend. But in my opinion, we have to defend it with open discourse and solidarity but also with a sense of community and self-responsibility instead of selfishness. I said all of this to my friend and he agreed. We had a good talk, and we are still friends. But I also know the situation could have been different. Right now, it seems especially hard to keep up solidarity and protect other people from getting lost in conspiracy narratives. Check the link in our bio to find a video that promotes a positive and fun way to deal with the situation and try to stay positive as best as you can. At last, we are all in this together.

#02 Book

Maya Angelou writes empowering and beautiful poems. Something to read if your not familiar with Maya Angelous work and maybe to get curious about this amazing person… (and if you buy a copy try to shop local or buy second hand 😉 )

#04 Boys no dey Cry

A short film about men with mental health issues in Ghana and how the society does not recognize them.

#05 What Borders Tell Us About The World

“Borders are written down on a map, but they also exist in our mind.” – Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar

#07 Sudan Retold

Visit the Link on the #07 to have a peek into the book and read more about it.

#08 Ubuntu Episode 1

It’s a great chance to question your own stereotypes and biases, especially assumed from media which highlights most often the negative of the African continent.

#10 Tomorrow

As mankind is threatened by the collapse of the ecosystems, Cyril, Mélanie, Alexandre, Laurent, Raphäel and Antoine, all in their thirties, explore the world in search of solutions that can save their children, and with them, future generations. Using the most successful experiments in every area (agriculture, energy, habitat, economy, education, democracy…) they try to put back together the puzzle which may tell a new story of the future.

#12 White Privilege

Listen to this song by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Jamila Woods “White Privilege II”

#14 Ubuntu Episode 3 Part 2

Ama, Akua and Kwasi and their friend are continuing their discussion about the potentials Africa has to offer as a rich continent and what measures need to be taken so that the economy will grow. “Money alone cannot bring about development we need the right mindsets which lead to improved habits.” Stay informed!

#15 Test yourself

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#17 mighty passport

How powerful is your passport? You can check it on the link on #17.

#18 what it’s like to grow up in the narco zone

A short film about kids and how they grow up a Narco Zone. The Narco Zone is an area where a drug cartel named “Narcos” defines the daily lives of many citizens. The film gives an insight on the impact from violence and drug deals on children.

#20 transform webinar: Sea rescue

We have talked about sea rescue in the Mediterranean sea many times before. But although we are all caught in the global crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic right now, this is still an issue that remains prevalent and that needs to get our attention. The political education network transform! europe has organized a webinar about the specific difficulties and phenomena the pandemic adds to the problematic situation of the Mediterranean sea as the most dangerous migrant route in the world.

#23 fridtjof nansen

Fridtjof Nansen was a scientist and explorer from Norway. He was the leader of the first expedition through the inland of Greenland and he revolutionized Arctic and Antarctic research. But even more importantly, he was the High Commissioner for Refugees of the League of Nations from 1921 on. During his time in this office he introduced the so-called Nansen-Passport for displaced victims of the First World War. The passport could be used as an official travel document that was later recognized by 52 states. That was a crucial contribution to the refugee crisis at that time and there is a demand for something like this in our current global situation. Countless people are displaced due to various reasons and being undocumented causes many difficulties for them. Various human rights organizations and activists are demanding a global passport as an official travel document for these people. But until now, this claim has not been taken seriously.  Nansen is only one of many examples that can show us how much change is actually possible. As he said, there is a purpose in continuously challenging and educating ourselves to spread solidarity and peace.  

#24 no borders

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