There have been a few visa stories published on this blog but it’s an issue with many many aspects and every story shows a different perspective on the matter. It becomes clear, that there are certain similarities visible in all of the individual stories. Certain inequalities we want to shed some light on by sharing other people’s experiences. In this specific story, Efua talks about her experiences with the German embassy in Accra, Ghana.

Efua is a Ghanaian teacher in Senior High School, a mother of two daughters and a hostmother for numerous international volunteers working in schools and other institutions in her city. She has been working with different NGOs which organize voluntary services in Ghana and she has been hosting volunteers for more than 10 years now. Most of her volunteers are from Germany and they normally come to stay with her for one year. Efua is very invested in integrating her volunteers into her family and the community and she keeps in touch with them after they finish their voluntary service and return to their home country. Many of them come back to visit her and the family regularly.

During all that time of hosting volunteers, Efua received many invitations to visit them as well. She never found the time but in 2018 she decided to finally plan a vacation in Germany. One of her former volunteers officially invited her and she was therefore able to apply for a visa. In the following video, Efua talks about her experiences during that visa application process.

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