Finally a new video! This time it’s no video from the Border Tales team though. And that is not the only difference. With this video we want to introduce a new topic to our blog. Don’t worry! We’re obviously not done with borders! There are just so many different aspects of borders and now it’s time to look from a different perspective. But I feel like I should explain a bit more.

Last year in September I went to Finland to study there for one year. I study Geography here in Germany and I wanted to experience a new scientific perspective on the subject. And honestly, of course I wanted to spend time in Finland, it’s such an awesome country! So I applied as an exchange student at the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu and luckily I got accepted. Already during my preparations I realized that the content of the Geography programme at UEF were quite different than at my home university. There were a lot of courses connected to “Border Studies” , a term I had never heard of. I was curious about that new field of Geography so I took some of those courses. I have to admit, I was hooked immediately! In the first semester I had a course that was called “Border Politics and Security” and every lecture would be worth at least one entry in this blog. But let’s start slowly. We had a few guest lecturers during the course and one of them was Prof. dr. Henk van Houtum who is currently teaching at Radboud University in Nijmegen, Netherlands. The video linked below is a Ted Talk he gave a couple of years ago. In this talk he points out similar aspects as he did in his lecture last year so I thought this would be the perfect video to introduce the scientific perspective of Border Studies. But spoiler alert! Don’t let the word scientific scare you away! You won’t even notice this has something to do with science or research or whatever, I promise. Everyone can relate to it because it is so related to all of our lifes!

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